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    Making POJO Services transactable

    Stefan Arentz Newbie

      Hello and happy easter weekend :-)

      I have a simple service running inside JBoss AS 4.0. This is a simple service where you can basically open a 'session' and invoke several operations on it. Nothing 'external' like JDBC or JMS is involved.

      I am a complete transaction n00b btw. I have only touched Jta as a 'user'. (Actually, I've let the AS handle transactions for me :)

      Now I would like to make my service transaction compatible; I would like to include it in something bigger like an operation that does involve JDBC thus also support commit/rollback. What I basically need to do is start a sub-transaction (?) and do work on my own data store that can be rolled back later on if the transaction as a whole is rolled back.

      There is a LOT of information about transactions available but it is mostly from a user's pov, not from an implementors pov. I am kind of lost. Can someone recommend a document or book? Or sample code?