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    Can MyTag extend rich:toolTip???

    Luigi Fugaro Newbie

      Hi guys...
      I'va made a custom TAG using the standar JSF steps...
      it works and it is ok!
      What I would like to do know is to extend its capabilities, inherit them from rich:toolTip!

      My tag does the following:

      <luigi:lontText value="Hi luigi, how are you?" size="8" />

      which it's translated in

      <div title="Hi luigi, how are you?">Hi luigi...</div>

      But I want to use rich:toolTip behaviours!

      I was trying with HtmltoolTip, UIToolTip, but with no luck!

      Do you guys have any ideas how to do it???
      And first of all... is it possible?

      Thanks in advance,