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    Setting infinite transaction timeout for method calls

    Shyam Sivaraman Newbie


      Im using 3.2.6 version of JBoss.
      By default JBoss 3x will terminate any transaction which reach the 5min. boundary.
      I have a requirement wherein the time to return a method call may take any time upto 1 - 2 hrs.
      Since, JBoss 4 by default doesn't interrupt a transaction until directed for using the "InterruptThread" attribute in the jboss-service.xml file, do we have a similar solution for JBoss 3x where we can set an infinite timeout for a method call.

      I tried modifying the jboss.xml for the stateless session bean, and modified the xml as follows:


      Setting the timeout to -1 working is ambiguous as it gives Unmarshal Exception at some times.

      Please give a suggestion on how to set the infinite timeout on JBoss 3x. Its extremely urgent as Im banging my head over this issue for 4 days.