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    nested transactions support

    Daniel Abramovich Newbie


      I've been reading about JBossTransactions and I'm trying to understand what needs to be in place to take advantage of the support for nested transactions.

      The JBossTS guide frequently discusses nested transaction support and doesn't mention much in the way of limitations.

      In the JTA Programmer Guide, however, it says:

      Nested transactions are not supported by JDBC 2.0. If an attempt is made to use a JDBC
      connection within a subtransaction, JBossJTA will throw a suitable exception and no work
      will be allowed on that connection. However, if you wish to have nested transactions, then
      you can set the com.arjuna.ats.jta.supportSubtransactions property to YES.

      So if I understand the state of the world correctly:
      (pardon if it sounds I'm being pedantic - just want to make sure I'm clear)
      1. If I access JBossTransactions via the JTS API, nested transactions are supported
      2. If I access JBossTransactions via the JTA API, nested transactions are not turned on by default - I need to set the com.arjuna.ats.jta.supportSubtransactions property
      3. Regardless of API (JTA/JTS), I cannot have a JDBC 2.0 resource as a leg of a nested transaction
      4. JBossTransactions requires a special JDBC driver, which only support JDBC 2.0.
      5. I cannot use the JDBC driver provided by Oracle, even though it supports transaction savepoints in 9.2.0 and full JDBC 3.0 support in 10.1.0

        If this accurately describes reality, what's the roadmap for JDBC 3.0 support?