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    MDB uses jBPM to post to another queue, second MDB fires bef

    Brian Viveiros Newbie

      Here's a brief description of my app:

      1. An MDB is fired and uses jBPM to execute a workflow.
      2. All the workflow nodes are attached to code which performs some logic then automatically transitions to the next node until the workflow is complete.
      3. When the workflow completes, the entire trasaction is commited by the EJB container.

      One of the nodes posts a message to another JMS queue. This is triggering the MDB listening on that queue. I believe that second MDB shouldn't be triggered until step 3 above.

      - JBoss 4.0.3SP1
      - MySQL 5.0.20
      - all datasources defined as xa-datasource.
      - jBPM is configured to use MySQL and has isTransactionEnabled set to false
      - using JMS XAConnectionFactory, XAConnection, XASession
      - to get the jms connection factory I do a JNDI lookup for "XAConnectionFactory"
      - <tx-connection-factory> is enabled in the jms-ds.xml.

      Am I missing something?

      Thanks in advance.