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    Using scoped business activities in WS-TX

    Paul Robinson Master


      As I understand it, the WS-TX spec allows for scoping of activities within a BA. Here atomicity is ensured within an activity meaning that each activity will complete all its tasks or will appear to have not completed any of its tasks. At the higher level the business logic can decide which activities should complete and which should fail (I don?t think ?fail? is the right word, but wasn't sure what to call it).

      So, I have two questions:

      1) I have seen that the JBoss WS-TX implementation allows me to group tasks into a group in which all succeed or fail. In order to allow the scoping behaviour I discussed earlier, should the WS-TX implementation (according to the spec) provides constructs for specifying scopes and there corresponding outcomes, or is it up to the application developer to build this?

      2) If the spec states that the WS-TX implementation should provide constructs for scoping, my second question is: Does the JBoss WS-TX implementation support this yet? I've looked through the documentation and can't seem to find any indication that it does.