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    What is ResourceManager in this example ?

    Vicky Kak Master

      While going through the http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossTSRecovery

      I found the following code snippet
      UserTransaction ut = com.arjuna.ats.jta.UserTransaction.userTransaction();


      Transaction txImple = TransactionManager.transactionManager().getTransaction();

      txImple.enlistResource(new ExampleXAResource());
      txImple.enlistResource(new ExampleXAResource());

      What I wanted to know is what is the ResourceManager here , is it ExampleXAResource() ?
      Can I always call the XAResource implementing class as the ResourceManger or it sometimes acts as a proxy to the real RM as in case of the Database , where I feel the db driver contains the actual implementation of RM