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    Implementing XAResource for JCA inbound using JBossAS Transa

    Michael Grübsch Newbie

      I am implementing a JCA resource adapter for inbound connections. The adapter will deliver abstract message objects (e.g. references to files) to specialized message driven beans (JavaEE 5, EJB3). The message objects shall be deleted after being processed successfully by the MDB resp. application server. The adapter is part of a global transaction. For that reason I need to have a XAResource. Because I'm dealing with simple objects (have to implement a resource manager by myself) there is no external XAResource which could be passed.

      Is there an abstract XAResource and XA infrastructure from which I could derive the necessary classes? Is JBoss TS resp. Arjuna the library to start with? If yes where can I find more information about developing an own XAResource?

      Thanks a lot