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    Distributed Transactions

    Reinhard Graf Newbie


      in my application, i use 2 stateless sessionbeans which insert data in two
      different databases. I have configured my datasources as XADatasource.

      i'm using hibernate3.2 with jta

      following scenario:

      stateless1.method1 calls stateless2.method1

      the execution of stateless2.method1 is successful - but after the execution of stateless2.method1 an nullpointer occures in stateless1.method1 - so the transaction should be rolled back - but it's not - the data inserted in stateless2.method1 are still in the database after the exception

      i'm using oracle 10g and ms-sql server 2005 with jboss4.0.4ejb3

      stateless1.method1 inserts data in the oracle and stateless2.method2 inserts into sql server 2005

      please help

      thanks !