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    Newbie Question regarding JTA

    Dennis We Newbie

      Hello Everyone,

      I have been searching the web to understand how JBoss does handle transactions.

      I am using a database to persist my entity beans in the background that does not implement commit and rollback. Do transactions still work in my session beans though? Does JTA keep track of all changes made during a transaction and can "undo" them even without transaction support by the DB?

      How would this work then? Are inserts and updates simply not send to the database until the transaction is over? Or does JTA trace the changes made and can then just do another couple of update/delete operations on the dba to revoke the changes made?

      A quick answer would really help me and would be very much appreciated!

      Thanks -


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          Mark Little Master

          You mean your DB does not support JDBC 2.0? If that's the case, then the work you do within the scope of ANY transaction (not just JBossTS) will not be controlled by that transaction. You need to move to another DB or look at writing your own XAResource instances for working with your existing DB. Another alternative might be to use compensating transactions: see the Web Services transactions component of JBossTS for more details.