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    community doc feedback

    Kerdudou Ronan Apprentice

      can't send feedback in community documentation :

      a strange message appears on the div when sending :
      ""."Reply-to: \"".$name."\" "."<".$email.">"; //Load in the files we'll need"

      well... having looked a little more... the response from the server is PHP page...
      see screenshot : http://www.ronan.kerdudou.fr/bug-jboss-community-feedbacks.jpg

      but at the 4th test "ctrl+F5 ..." i've got a maintenance screen...
      ... well all is in maintenance, including this forum... so i keep this text, and i'll send it as soon as it comes up back...

      so, community site is back now... but i don't know if you received my feedback... and the bug of feedback pannel is still present.
      so here is my feedback :

      the sentence "On default non-JSF context isn't saved in a component tree, but is rendered anew every time. To accelerate the processing speed and Ajax response input speed, RichFaces saves non-JSF context in a component tree on default. This option could be canceled by "keepTransient" attribute that cancels transient flag forced setting for child components. This flag setting keeps the current value set by child components." isn't clear...
      what is default comportement ? save or not non-JSF context in a component tree ? and what value of keepTransient corresponds to that ?

      also i notice a second mistake in the page's text, there's a "<a4j:outPanel>" instead of "<a4j:outputPanel>".