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    OTS/JTS missing class files

    Baron Davis Newbie

      I am trying to run example program from "Programmers Guide JTS" document, so called Demo example.
      I have successfully run IDL-to-Java compiler and generated appropriate Java files. However, DemoResource class in example extends
      "org.omg.CosTransactions._ResourceImplBase" and I am not able to find
      this class in neither jacorb.jar, or in Java5 installation, nor in JBossTS javadoc. Am I missing something here?

      Also, the _DemoInterfaceImplBase class
      "class DemoImplementation extends Demo._DemoInterfaceImplBase"
      is nowhere to find. I have run the IDL-to-Java compiler but no such class has been generated. (there are #Helper, #Holder, #Operations, #POA, #POATie).

      Any help/explanation appreciated.