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    Critical Bug IE 6

    rgonzalezf Newbie

      Using 2.0.0.GA
      RichFaces 3.2.0SR1
      Internet Explorer 6.0.28

      We have this code:

      <a4j:form id="frm">
       <!--Main -->
      <!-- some labels h:outputTexts -->
       <div align="right"><h:commandButton value="Guardar"
       styleClass="font" reRender="panel"
       <rich:panel id="panel"
       rendered="#{var ne null and var ne ''}">
       <h:outputText value="#{var}" styleClass="MensajesValidacion"
       rendered="#{var ne null}" />
       <div align="center"><rich:tabPanel width="85%"
       <rich:tab label="Tab1">
       <ui:include src="/one.xhtml" />
       <rich:tab label="Tab2">
       <ui:include src="/two.xhtml" />
       <rich:tab label="Tab3" rendered="false">
       <ui:include src="/three.xhtml" />
       <rich:tab label="Tab4">
       <ui:include src="/four.xhtml" />
       <rich:tab label="Tab5">
       <ui:include src="/five.xhtml" />

      If TabX is empty and we select this TabX, every action after this selection cause a collapse in IE6.

      This bug Close the browser. :S