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    confusion about the package structure of XTS

    Meng Yang Newbie

      Hello, I have some confusions about the package structure of the XTS in JBoss Transaction. According to the document, it supports both WS-TX and WS-CAF. Then are ws-c.jar and ws-t.jar the implementations of WS-TX and wscf.jar , ws-tx.jar the implementations of WS-CAF? Can I just use WS-TX or WS-CAF instead of including both of them? Do they have dependences on each other? The inner package structures make me a little confused, e.g. I found under the package com.arjuna.mw both wst and wstx exist. Additionally, I guess the wsas.jar may be sth. related to the J2EE Activity Service for Extended Transactions. Then what's the role it plays in XTS. Thanks a lot!