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    JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor doesn't work with Apache Axis

    Meng Yang Newbie

      Hello, I put a post which was meant to find AxisHeaderContextHandler a few days ago. And I got the reply that the AxisHeaderContextHandler had been replaced by JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor. I tried today, but unfortunately I found it did't work. 'cause JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor implements the interface javax.xml.rpc.handler.Handler, while Axis needs org.apache.axis.Handler. I configured the client side wsdd just as follows,but I got the ClassCastException which was thrown when Axis tried to cast JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor to org.apache.axis.Handler.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <deployment name="defaultClientConfig"

      who can help me to solve this problem, thanks a lot!