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    I can not run run-tools.bat in Jboss transaction installatio

    legolas woodland Novice

      Thank you for reading my poat.
      I have some problems with jbossts-full-Transaction-4.2.2GA
      I have install it correctly (at least i think ) Now i can run start-transaction-service.bat with no error but when i try to run run-tools.bat
      it returns an error like:

      Environment variable JAVA_HOME set to "f:\j2sdk1.5.0"
      Environment variable JBOSSTS_HOME set to "F:\jbossts-full-Transaction-4.2.2GA"
      Setting up environment
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/arjuna/ats/tools/toolsframework/ArjunaToolsFramework
      What is wrong here?