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    Inerop with Microsoft .NET Framework / WCF

    Martin Steinle Newbie


      I am trying to call a .NET, WS-AT-aware web service from a java client with JBossTS.
      The scenario is: Java client opens transaction context, calls the .NET web service and finally commits the transaction.
      When the .NET-WS-AT-Participant tries to enlist to the transaction, I get the following error in my JBoss log:

      com.arjuna.webservices.SoapFault: Sender[[com.arjuna.webservices.transport.http.HttpClient_4] - Invalid response code returned: 403]
       at com.arjuna.webservices.transport.http.HttpClient.invokeRequest(HttpClient.java:202)
       at com.arjuna.webservices.transport.http.HttpClient.invokeOneWay(HttpClient.java:93)
       at com.arjuna.webservices.wsaddr.client.BaseWSAddrClient.sendOneWay(BaseWSAddrClient.java:148)
       at com.arjuna.webservices.wscoor.client.RegistrationRequesterClient.sendRegisterResponse(RegistrationRequesterClient.java:99)
       at com.arjuna.wsc.messaging.RegistrationCoordinatorProcessorImpl.register(RegistrationCoordinatorProcessorImpl.java:125)
       at com.arjuna.webservices.wscoor.handlers.RegisterHandler$1.executeTask(RegisterHandler.java:64)
       at com.arjuna.services.framework.task.TaskWorker.run(TaskWorker.java:65)
       at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:595)

      The URL that was called here is a HTTPS URL, so I wandered if the JBossTS implementation is capable of calling SSL secured participants.
      Of course it is possible that I did not configure SSL, my certificates or something else correctly.

      So can you please tell me if JBossTS generally supports communication with Participants via HTTPS and my configuration is wrong or if interop with .NET WS-AT-aware web services is not possible as those require HTTPS.