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    questions about JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor

    Meng Yang Newbie

      hi, I tried the JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor in my application, but it seemed to me that it didn't work, I don't know why? Can anybody help me.
      Thanks a lot!
      My application uses WSIF which utilizes Axis as the SOAP engine. My code is as follows:

      List chain = call.getService().getHandlerRegistry().getHandlerChain(portName);
      chain.add(new HandlerInfo(JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor.class,null,null));

      but I can't see the SOAP header information inserted into the SOAP message, and I doubt whether I have configured the handler properly
      because I toggled breakpoints in the JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor,but
      the application didn't stop there.