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    What is best practice - long running ajax - disabling page?

    Patrick Madden Newbie

      Hi, I'm looking for a best practice approach to disabling an entire page while a long running process takes place.

      When I say long running I'm talking up to 30 seconds. Should I pop up a modal panel and listen for backend events etc or should I use the new queue support etc?

      Is there any way to disable all input on a JSF/RichFace/Seam page while an ajax request is occurring?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          You have missed the corresponded RichFaces cookbook article somehow:

          "How to show a "Please Wait" box and block the input while the Ajax request is processed?"

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            Kerdudou Ronan Apprentice

            you can also directly put the modal div in your layout and call show/hide on ajax request...


             <div id="attente" class="position_absolute" onclick="showAttenteTexte();"
             <%-- top:75 pour ne pas bloquer le menu TODO ajuster avec le template --%>
             <div id="attenteMire" class="position_absolute"
             <h:graphicImage value="#{contexte.themeURL}/Attente.gif"/>
             <div id="attenteTexte" class="position_absolute"
             <h:outputText styleClass="titreMajeur" style="background-color: #ffffff;" value="#{libelles.TEXTE_ATTENTE}"/>
            <a4j:status onstop="endOfAjaxRequest()" /><%-- si besoin, implementer onstart="beginOfAjaxRequest()" --%>
            script :
            //affiche l'image d'attente : 'Mire'
            function showAttente() {
             LOG.debug('- showAttente');
             // Pour tourner sous IE...
             var appli = navigator.appName;
             var objAttente=jQuery('#attente');
             var divAttente=objAttente.get(0);
             if (divAttente!=null){
             if (appli.indexOf('Microsoft')!=-1) {
             //note : on utilise la fonction "find" de jQuery pour optimiser.
             var divAttenteMire = objAttente.find('#attenteMire').get(0);
             var temp = divAttenteMire.innerHTML;
             divAttenteMire.innerHTML = temp;
             //pour bien empecher toute actions, sous ie6, on devrait desactiver les 'select' et les reactiver (ceux qui etaient actifs) a  la fin...
            //ajoute un texte sous la mire (appele si on clic en presence de la mire)
            function showAttenteTexte() {
             var elem = jQuery('#attenteTexte').get(0);
             if (elem!=null){
            //cache l'image d'attente
            function hideAttente() {
             LOG.debug('- hideAttente');
             var obj = jQuery('#attente');
             var elem = obj.get(0);
             if (elem!=null){
             elem = obj.find('#attenteTexte').get(0);
             if (elem!=null){
            function endOfAjaxRequest(){
             LOG.debug('-> endOfAjaxRequest');
             LOG.debug('<- endOfAjaxRequest');
            form :
            <h:form id="formPage" onsubmit="return validerForm(this);">
            script :
            function validerForm(f) {
             if (ok) {
             return true;
             return false;

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              Patrick Madden Newbie

              Thank you all very much. My issue is now solved :)