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    service.JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor and mustUnderstand="1"

    Martin Steinle Newbie


      I tried to call a java web service with a Microsoft WCF client which previously started a distributed transaction (ws-atomictransaction). The WCF client sends the WS-Coordination header with attribute mustUnderstand set to true, which raises a

      org.jboss.axis.AxisFault: Unprocessed mustUnderstand header {http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2004/10/wscoor}CoordinationContext
      A workaround could be to set the mustUnderstand attribute of the header in the handleRequest() method of the service.JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor to false after handling the request.
      Could you consider to add this behavior to your JaxRPCHeaderContextProcessor?