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    Possible deadlock with web service transactions

    Martin Steinle Newbie


      I have the following scenario:
      A client app running in JBoss that starts a web service transaction, then calls a transacted web service also running in JBoss, and finally closes (committs/rolls back) the transaction.
      I have configured jbossts web service transactions to communicate using https, as sometimes we have WCF services participating in web service transactions and those require to run the web service transaction protocol over ssl.
      I failed to configure my certificates correctly, and the result was a thread deadlock in the transacted service.
      IMO, the reason is as follows: As the transacted service tries to enlist into the web service transaction, it communicates with the transaction manager at the client. Its request is denied because no ssl connection can be opened, so the transaction manager never will send a response.
      But the transaction manager at the web service waits for the response eternally.
      Is it possible to configure something like a transaction enlistment timeout in JBossTS?