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    Drag&Drop query attrbibute question for rich:jQuery tag

    b walker Newbie

      New to RichFaces and jQuery plugin and I could use some help with DnD.

      I've looked at both RichFaces and jQuery sites for drag and drop examples but not both together. I have seen the pure jQuery example on its site: http://jqueryui.com/demos/draggable/#sortable"

      From it, I was able to get the pure JS function,but was able to apply it to the query attribute using rich:jQuery. What I currently have is this but I am not sure:

      <rich:jQuery selector="#draggable" query="(function() {
      revert: true
      connectToSortable: '#sortable',
      helper: 'clone',
      revert: 'invalid'
      }); })" />