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    Problem with Transaction Configuration

    Giovanni Picciau Newbie

      Hi, I found a very strange behavior with wotking with transaction

      I'm using Jboss 4.0.5 with spring-jboss.

      I want to define transaction in my application, then I configured in the application context the transactionManager and a TransactionInterceptor with a transactionAttributeSource like that

      com.set.eport2.ddm.core.DocumentDataManager.*=PROPAGATION_REQUIRED com.set.eport2.ddm.core.documentmanager.EPortDocumentManager.*=PROPAGATION_REQUIRED

      Both of them are interfaces implemented and defined in the application context as ProxyfactoryBean...nothing strange.

      When I run Jboss with all the method of the two class are mapped as Transactional.

      But when my application call a method of DocumentDataManager that call a method of EPortDocumentManager the transaction is created entering the method of EPortDocumentManager!

      DocumentDataManager implements a JMS MessageListener. I want to start a transaction when a message occurs.

      Does anybody can help me?

      Thanks in advice,