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    rich:combobox doesn't show selectitem label

    Kristof Vanhaeren Newbie


      I have a User object which holds some properties like username, email, ...
      I also wrote a userConverter to convert it to a string representation which holds the important properties in a String to transfer it over HTTP and back to a User object.

      the combobox uicomponent is bound to a List property which holds a list of SelectItem(Object value, String label) objects.
      e.g: new SelectItem(user, user.getUsername())

      As you can see I want it's value to be the user object, and the label which is visible to the user to be the username.

      The strange thing is that it always shows the toString() of the user object instead of the username label, while I did the same thing with a rich:picklist component and that one does show the correct label.

      Any ideas?