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    Problem with WSTXInitialisation listener

    Karen Simonyan Newbie


      We are currently evaluating JBoss WS Transaction implementation and run into a small problem that I will try to explain below. In our sample application we are trying to run the client, web services participating in a transaction and the coordinator on different physical machines under Tomcat/Axis environment. The problem is on the client side, in the initialization of the JBossTS environment, when I try to specify the URL for the coordinator in the standard wstx.xml configuration file:

       <!-- Initialization of coordinator URLs -->
       <property name="com.arjuna.mw.wst.coordinatorURL" value="http://SOME_HOST:8080/xts/soap/ActivationCoordinator">
       <property name="com.arjuna.mw.wst.ba.terminatorURL" value="http://SOME_HOST:8080/xts/soap/BusinessActivityTerminatorParticipant">
       <property name="com.arjuna.mw.wst.at.terminatorURL" value="http://SOME_HOST:8080/xts/soap/TerminatorParticipant">

      The corresponding listener is specified in the web.xml of the client web application:

      <!-- WSTX -->

      The problem is that the client is not able to find the coordinator even though the com.arjuna.mw.wst.coordinatorURL property is defined in wstx.xml. After a little debugging I was able to find the cause of this problem: in the contextInitialized(..) method of the WSTXInitialisation class
      wstx.xml is parsed and corresponding initialization performed after initializing UserTransaction (in case of AT). So if I change the contextInitialized(..) method to the following

      public void contextInitialized(final ServletContextEvent servletContextEvent)
       // Start recovery
      // RecoveryManager.manager() ;
       catch (Exception exception)
       wstxLogger.arjLoggerI18N.error("com.arjuna.mw.wst.deploy.WSTXI_1", exception);
       catch (Error error)
       wstxLogger.arjLoggerI18N.error("com.arjuna.mw.wst.deploy.WSTXI_21", error);

      it works perfectly for me. Note that I have switched the places of the first two lines of code. I would appreciate any help on this topic.

      With best regards,