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    Evaluating JBossTS

    J Peschier Newbie

      Our use case involves SLSBs calling other SLSBs exposed as webservices. We want distributed transactions.

      public class ClientBean implements Client {
       public void doSomething() {
       Result result = service.performSomething(pojo);
      public class ServiceBean implements Service {
       public Result performSomething(Pojo pojo) {

      Is this way of doing things currently supported? We have tried the above scenario but an EJBTransactionRequiredException is thrown upon invoking the service indicating the transaction is not propagated to the webservice. We run on JBoss 4.2.1.GA with JBossWS 2.0.1.GA installed. Is additional configuration required to make the above work?

      Are we correct in assuming transaction propagation would be handled transparantly by the application server for our use case? It seems the BasicClient example requires additional configuration to place the transaction context in a SOAP request. However, the BasicClient example does things quite different from the standard EJB3 way outlined above. What need to be done to get transaction propagation running