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    warnings from com.arjuna.wst.messaging.ParticipantProcessorI

    Martin Steinle Newbie


      I have an application built from several transaction-aware web services running on JBoss with JBossTS. Each web service is in a separate EAR in a separate class loading context, and each web service has its own web service transaction coordinator deployed contained in its ear, so web service transactions are coordinated by the coordinator of the web service starting the transaction.
      The application is running quite fine, but when there is heavy load, I see the following warnings from com.arjuna.wst.messaging.ParticipantProcessorImpl:

      [com.arjuna.wst.messaging.ParticipantProcessorImpl.rollback_2] - Rollback called on unknown participant
      [com.arjuna.wst.messaging.ParticipantProcessorImpl.commit_2] - Commit called on unknown participant
      [com.arjuna.wst.messaging.ParticipantProcessorImpl.prepare_2] - Prepare called on unknown participant

      Besides the warnings, there is no strange observable behavior like exceptions or failing or stuck transactions.
      Can anyone tell me what can cause there warnings and what exatly they mean (how critical are they?)?


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          Jonathan Halliday Master

          When a web services call for the transaction protocol is received, it is parsed to extract the id of the participant, which is then used in a hashmap lookup to get a participant object on which to invoke the relevant method.

          This warning gets printed when that lookup fails. It implies either an error in which messages contain an invalid id, or a timing issue causing premature removal of the entry from the hashmap. If your application is not exhibiting any undesirable behavior I would not be overly concerned.