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    XTS Mixed_Outcome

    len nope Newbie

      Hi All!

      Is it possible to start a Business Activity with a mixed outcome?
      If so, how can I set the MixedOutcome coordination type and how to tell the MixedOutcome-Coordinator to direct different outcome to each participant.

      I am looking for a way to make this work:

      three participants (P1, P2, P3) are registed for BAWithParticipantCompletion. They all send "completed".
      The application logic decides then to send "close" to P1 and "compensate" to P2 and P3.

      Thank you!

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          Mark Little Master

          No. MixedOutcome was introduced during the OASIS process, but is an optional requirement. It wasn't one of the original WS-TX capabilities. It's very similar to the BTP Cohesions type of transaction, but we've not found any call for it; therefore we only support AtomicOutcome. We did support Cohesions in the original HP-WST product, which is based on the same codebase, so putting it into XTS would be straightforward, but at this stage it's not needed for compliance with WS-TX 1.0 and you're the first person to ask for it in over 3 years. If there's more call, we could add it in the future.

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            Mark Little Master

            I'll correct myself ;-) MixedOutcome came in just before we went to OASIS.