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    Sorting with richfaces 3.3

    Prachi Gupta Newbie


      I have a dataTable running off of a list of objects coming from a backing bean. I have specified the sortBy value on rich:columns inside the datatable to be a long defined inside the above object.

      <rich:dataTable value="#{reportTableView.rowList}" var="row" width="0" height="0">
       <rich:columns value="#{reportTableView.columns}" var="column" index="ind" sortBy="#{row.cellList[ind].value}">
       <h:outputText value="#{row.cellList[ind].displayValue}"/>

      The sorting works perfectly with RichFaces version 3.2
      But if I switch to 3.3 it stops working.

      Do I need to change something to make sorting work with 3.3?


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          Andrei Markavtsov Apprentice


          We got the issue since 3.3.0. So to fire sorting feature please follow by these points:

          1. Add sortOrder attribute and bind it to property of column instance:

          List<Column> columns;
          class Column {
          org.richfaces.model.Ordering ordering;

          2. Assign unique id for each column.

          In result page code should be like as:

          <rich:dataTable value="#{reportTableView.rowList}" var="row" width="0" height="0">
           <rich:columns id="t#{ind}" value="#{reportTableView.columns}" var="column" index="ind" sortBy="#{row.cellList[ind].value}" sortOrder="#{column.ordering}">
           <h:outputText value="#{row.cellList[ind].displayValue}"/>

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            Prachi Gupta Newbie

            Thnx for the quick response, but I have a followup question.

            In my implementation, the list of columns and the values I am displaying inside the columns come from different objects.

            That is,

            is the list that I iterate to know how many columns my table has. But I get the actual values from

            So my question is, which of these should have the order defined on them?

            Is there some other way to make sorting work?
            Will this bug be fixed in the future?

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              ajit patil Newbie

              With this approach sorting works only for a couple clicks...it stops sorting after that. What could be going wrong?

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                Ilya Shaikovsky Master

                asupa, sorry but let us see the description of your concrete problem (ideally with code snippets). Currently can't confirm this because as you could check at richfaces-demo there is no such problem.

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                  ajit patil Newbie

                  ilya_shaikovsky, here is the code snippet. CrystalListBean has session scope. I have created

                  <rich:dataTable value="#{crystalListBean.dataCollection.dataRows}"
                   var="dataRow" id="crystalTable" rendered="#{crystalListBean.showCrystalList}">
                   <rich:columns value="#{crystalListBean.dataCollection.columns}"
                   var="column" index="ind" id="${idg.nextid}"

                  Here is the ordering field that i created in the column object

                  import org.richfaces.model.Ordering;
                   private Ordering ordering;
                   public Ordering getOrdering() {
                   return ordering;