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    Transactional Files in Java

    Ioannis Ganotis Newbie


      I am happy to announce the release of the "Transactional Files in Java" project.

      Using this project means there is no need any more providing transactional support manually which results in mixing-up business logic with transaction related code.

      The project provides you with a library which can be used to have access to both files and directories transactionally (offering ACID semantics). The library also gives you the powerful feature of recovering from failures, as in our days there is no guarantee that software or hardware of systems never fail.

      For more information on the library and how it can be used follow the link below:
      http://www.jboss.org/jbosstm/fileio/. You will also find links to run the provided demo applications on that page.

      All comments and questions are more than welcome.

      Ioannis Ganotis