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    WS-BA Framework next release?

    Guzman Llambi­as Novice

      Hi, are there any plans to have a new release of the BA Framework? When?


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          Andrew Dinn Master

          Are you asking because you have encountered a problem with the current framework implementation? Or are you worried about compatibility with later releases of the AS/TS/XTS code?

          The framework should still work with our recent XTS/BA 1.0 releases -- the BA APIs have not changed and the framework does not care about the details of the implementation. The only thing you need to change to use recent XTS releases is to repackage your deployed app to remove the XTS and JTA/JTS libraries. Recent versions of XTS are installed in JBossAS as a SAR.

          We intend at some point to update the framework so the demo deploys using the XTS sar, We will also modify it so it can be used with either the 1.0 or 1.1 BA implementation. We cannot say yet when this will happen.

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            Guzman Llambi­as Novice

            Basically, I was asking because in the programmer's guide, the disclaimer says that it's not recommended to use it in a production enviroment.

            Business Activity framework is an on-going research project and is still under heavy development. The current version of framework is intended for tests only and should not be used in production environments. Information about future releases, changelog, discovered bugs, new functionality and all other information directly related to the framework can be found on the framework's website.

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              Andrew Dinn Master

              Well, one good reason for not using it in production is that the current WS-BA implementation does not support crash recovery! I'm working on that right now and the plan is to have it in the 4.5 JBossTS release (n.b. the latest TS release does implement crash recovery for WS-AT:-)

              Once recovery is in place we will be keen to recommend the BA framework as a way of simplifying development of BA clients/services for deployment to production servers. The original disclaimer was because when we released the current code we did not want to suggest that this was a stable, final version. We are very pleased with it as it is but we would be happy to consider any feedback which might help us decide whether we need to change the way it works.

              So, please go ahead and play with it and tell us about any problems you find. Your requirements may help turn it into a better product.

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                Guzman Llambi­as Novice

                ok! thank you very much for the info! Unfortunatelly, before I started playing with WS-BA I thought the BA Framework was much more unstable than you told me, so I prefered to test the XTS component, as it's rare to see from JBoss disclaimers like that on JBoss' products other than it's a beta version :)

                If I've got to do more tests on WS-BA I'll try the framework and give you some feedback.

                Thanks for all!