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    Exception in the distributed transaction in JBOSS 4.2.2

    Ajay Kumar Newbie

      I am using stateless session EJB3.0 bean for evaluating distributed transaction deployed in the JBOSS4.2.2 server.
      I have used 2 different oracle9i databases X and Y . X and Y are located on different machines and different country.
      I am simply updating database X and Y using EJB3.0 entity bean in a transaction initiated from a stateless session bean.
      But I am getting "End transaction failed for XAResource" exception from oracle.jdbc.xa.OracleXAException at run time.

      I am even setting property "track-connection-by-tx" property true in the
      "oracle-xa-ds.xml" file. But I am still getting "End transaction failed for XAResource" exceptio at run time.
      Could you please help me out how to resolve this exception.

      with best regards,
      Ajay Kumar;
      ST Microelectronics Ltd.;