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    BusinessActivityManagerFactory doesn't create BusinessActivi

    Niels van Haren Newbie


      Im working on a project to create a bussiness activity webservice using EJB3 and Jboss5.0GA wich has JbossWS implemented. I Used the example given on the Jboss website called XTS-demo.

      I tried to make a own implementation and stripped the BA to 1 participant wich calles a simple calculation function. So far so good actually.

      The problem is the BusinessActivityManagerFactory wich resides in the arjuna package of Jboss. Whenever i call the following static method

      BusinessActivityManager activityManager = BusinessActivityManagerFactory.businessActivityManager();

      I get a null pointer exception. The factory never made an instance of businessActivityManager . What am i doing wrong? is there a failure in the arjuna package or something else?

      kind regards,

      Niels van Haren