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    JBossTS+Spring: how to tell TM of DataSource?

    nikita tovstoles Newbie

      This is likely a JTA novice question: I am trying to plug in JBossTS into the following stack:

      Tomcat 6
      C3p0 cxn pool (mysql driver)

      When either unit tests or the app runs, I no longer see begin, commit or rollback statements being sent to DB server. autocommit is never disabled.

      I am guessing this is because JBossTS transactionManager isn't aware of C3P0 dataSource. How do I set that up?

      Currently I have C3p0 declared as a Spring bean, which is being referenced by LocalSessionFactoryBean's 'dataSource' property.

      Does using JBossTS preclude use of c3p0 connection pool?
      How do I "inform" (enlist as resource?) JBossTS about my connection pool?