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    how to get UserTransaction with jndi:'javax.transaction.User

    hunter li Newbie

      At Weblogic, I can get a UserTransaction instance by calling method: ctx.lookup("javax.transaction.UserTransaction").

      But when I immigrate my project to JBoss, I got a NameNotFoundException
      with the code above .And I found that if I use 'UserTransaction' or 'java:comp/UserTransaction' as jndi name, it will be OK.

      Without modifying my programme how can I get UserTransaction with jndi name : 'javax.transaction.UserTransaction'.So at JBoss ,Is there some property file where I can change the default jndi name: UserTransaction?

      (May be you will ask why don't I just change my Programme.The reason is that the programme has been used for many years,and the custom asked me to try my best to do not change it.)