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    How to disable disk writing when querying an external databa

    Roberto Francescangeli Newbie

      Hello I'm developing SIP based services using JBOSS server 4.2.3 and Mobicents SLEE server 1.2.2 GA. Lately I found out that the services that make use of external DB queries cause the server's hard disk to write a lot.

      Using the tool pidstat I have 1700KB/s written by the JBOSS process with an average of 36 query/s and 3400KB/s with an average of 90 query/s.
      The disk is always writing inside the folder %JBOSS-SERVER%/data/tx-object-store/HashedActionStore/defaultStore/StateManager/BasicAction/TwoPhaseCoordinator/AtomicAction/#xxx# ; where xx is a number between 0 and 254.

      I tried with different services logic that doesn't use DB and I excluded Mobicents as the cause of the problem; so it must be the DB access. Of course the DB is on a remote machine and not on the JBOSS one.

      I tried changing the connector/J for MySQL, tried XA and non XA connectors, tried with the NULL PERSISTENCE MANAGER for JMS but nothing. I'm always stuck with that disk writing operation going on...

      I was using Hibernate to access the DB and I changed to JDBC statements and prepared statements but I always suffer from the same disk writing operation.

      Do you know how can I disable it? I don't want the hd to compromise the overall performance and I would like to know how can someone disable the Jboss Transaction Manager that keeps writing db transactions on the disk.