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    Unable to persist after transaction completion

    Vinay Kumar Newbie


      My Scenario is as follows,
      - I'm having a main SLSB, which is placing a call to child SLSB
      - I'm getting some entities from child SLSB
      - I'm changing those entities
      - And, assuming that CMP will persist those entities

      - Sometimes entities get perisisted
      - And, sometimes it doesn't

      Env: JBoss 4.2.3, PosgreSQL 8.3, Windows XP

      I'm not making use of merge(), as you can see from the dummy code shown below; I'm just changing the properties & leaving it to the container for persistence.

      Please suggest.


      public class ProductBean
       private ComponentBean mComponentBean;
       public void renameMyEntity(String anOldName, String aNewName)
       MyEntity entity = mComponentBean.findMyEntity(anOldName);
       // change properties of MyEntity
      public class ComponentBean
       public MyEntity findMyEntity(String aName)
       return ..;