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    JBOSS Transactional File I/O

    Taj Newbie

      We had a requirement to bring in file movements in transactional contexts. I was evaluating apache commons and jboss file transaction.

      What advantage would I get by using Jboss File transaction i/o. I believe for txdirs it uses the apace commons api for storeDir etc?

      My other question is - even though the transactional file manager gives me a TransactionManager object to control the commit and rollback operations, I would still need to wrap it around a stateful session bean so that the file operations participate in my database transactions. The reason is that these file operations may be called on an existing transaction creating by some other bean. If I wrap it around a stateful session bean and use session synchronization to write a afterCompletion method to commit or rollback based on the transaction result, only then can I be sure that the file transactions are truly transactional along with my database transactions.

      Is my understanding correct?