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    java /(swing)client  example ?

    John Christian Engelsen Newbie

      I love the book and example chapters, BUT Im unable to connect from a java apllication. on page 483 it says that I need some vendor specific java EE tol ganerator, but .... what is that ?

      - I guess its application-client.xml and jboss-client.xml ?
      - But did this change in ejb3.0 ?

      On page 482-483 I get the impression of no property files are needed to connect to the server(how can you know where its at then ?)...

      Love to get a working sample

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          John Christian Engelsen Newbie

          I get that the client-jar.jar file (the swing app in my case) need to be in an ear file on the server. This without the class files, but why ? to map the internal jndi name against the client-jar.jar somehow ?

          Is this exactly the same as ejb 2.1 ?

          And what does the client need to contain from the server classes ? I guess its only the interface classes of the serverside sessionbean that im trying to call from the client-jar.jar(swing app).

          But the book doesnt talk much about this and the info online is almost none.