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    rich combobox and inplaceselect bugs

    John McClain Newbie

      I have a rich:combobox and immediately below it I have a h:selectonemenu.
      The rendering of rich:combobox in IE6 (not 7 and not firefox) shows up behind the h:selectonemenu thats below it. Setting the z-index of the combobox does not solve the issue.

      To make matters worse, I tried substituting an inplaceselect for the h:selectonemenu. Cool, the rendering issue goes away - but I need to disable the inplaceselect. When I set disabled="true" as an attribute of the inplaceselect, nothing happens - it does not get disabled.

      Any ideas? I would put these as Jiras, but I dont know how - any instructions (or pointers to instructions) would be appreciated