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    ex09_1  FetchJoins doesn't work

    zwz mycoy Newbie

      I run FetchJoins.java of ex09_1 on eclipse3.2+jdk6+mysql5.
      The book says that an SQL query is executed each time Customer.getPhoneNumbers( ) is executed in the noJoin method. But I don't see the result as that in the book.
      Here is what I have got:
      NO JOIN
      Hibernate: select customer0_.id as id8_, customer0_.firstName as firstName8_, customer0_.lastName as lastName8_, customer0_.hasGoodCredit as hasGoodC4_8_, customer0_.creditCard_id as creditCard5_8_, customer0_.ADDRESS_ID as ADDRESS6_8_ from Customer customer0_

      Richard Monson-Haefel
      Bill Burke 978-555-5555 617-555-5555
      Sacha Labourey
      Marc Fleury
      Monica Burke 617-555-5555
      Gavin King

      Does anybody have the same problem?
      What's wrong?