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    jboss 4.0.2 logging issue

    C H Newbie

      As the title suggests, i have a bit of a logging issue in 4.0.2 (upgrading is not possible right now).  I've managed to add repository selectors and configure log4j logging properly for each separate web app using local log4j.xml files. These successfully direct web-app logging output to the appropriate file.


      The problem i am having now is that the parameters sent to my .jsps are being dumped in the server.log, and i cannot seem to disable this without setting the threshold so high that no information.


      I would like selectively target the particular class that is doing this with log4j configuration, but i cannot seem to figure out which class it is.


      log output looks like this.


      2009-12-12 22:47:14,137 DEBUG [STDOUT] [DEBUG]   JspServlet -   <request parameter values>


      I basically need to target this particular behavior so that this is not shown even if the rest of the application is at the DEBUG threshold.



      any help or direction would be most appreciated.