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    Example Portlets in GateIn Beta 3 - but how?

    Tobias Oppermann Newbie

      Hi Guys!


      I´m new to the Portlet-World on JBoss and GateIn (honestly to Java itself), but I have been testing around for a couple of months already. Though there is a problem I just can´t fix.


      My task is to develop a test-portlet containing JSF an RichFaces technology. I was truly happy when I read about the included demo-portlets that come with GateIn Beta 3. But where are those portlets? How can I get the opportunity to examin the code and start developing my own portlet that suits the needs of my project and runs in GateIn seemlessly? Meaning: how can I get the code into Eclipse and start to custimize it?


      I´m developing for a project in order to pass my thesis and get my academic grade, so I would highly appreciate if anyone could help me with this issue. Please be so kind an help a newbie making his first steps in the Java-World.


      Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany,