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    MDB and @Timeout

    Frans van Niekerk Newbie

      I am trying to get the @Timeout annotation to work with a MDB implementation.


      The MDB extends a super class that has a final method that creates the timer and calls an EJB. The super class also has the annotated timeout method.


      To test the implementation I called a method on an EJB that sleeps for 4 seconds. The timeout is set to 2 seconds. The timeout method is not called when it should. The MDB just completes as if no timeout was set. If I run getTimeRemaining on the Timer it returns a negative value.


      Am I correct in saying that @Timeout can be used with MDBs, ff so, what am I doing wrong?


      A simplified version of the implementation:


      public abstract class AbstractMDB{


        private ASessionBean sb;



        private TimerService ts;


        public final onMessage(Message m){


          ts.createTimer(2000, null);






        public void timeout(Timer t){







      public class ActualMdb extends AbstractMDB{


          @EJB(mappedName = "...")
          public void setSessionBean(EjbInterface ejb) {


              sb = ejb;