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    rich:tree lazy loading

    Todor Todorov Newbie

      Hello Every body.

      I am new to richfaces.

      I have huge amount of hierarchically organized data 15000+ .

      I need lazy loading for rich:tree.


              <rich:tree id="tree" style="width:300px"

              switchType="ajax" ajaxSubmitSelection="true"

              value="#{treeStructure.rootNode}" var="dir"






                      <rich:treeNode ajaxRendered="true" id="treeNodeId" changeExpandListener="#{treeStructure.processExpansion}">


      I have readed carefully the post here http://random-thoughts-vortex.blogspot.com/2009/05/richfaces-tree-dynamic-update-of-tree.html . i have implemented it but still the tree can not render the kids when I click on them. I've tried many different combinations with different tags and properties but still unsuccessful. I debugged it and all of the methods are called properly during runtime as well as the children are loaded lazily and added correctly to the Tree....

      Does someone has an idea?


      Thanks in advance.