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    Bridge between multiple jboss instances

    Scott Zhang Newbie


      jboss version: jboss-4.2.2.GA

      jbm version:  jboss-messaging-1.4.2.GA-SP1


      I create a jboss instance (called bridge server) to link multiple jboss instances (called s0, s1, s2, ...),and I deploy many bridges on the server, each bridge is responsible for move messages between s0 and s1 (called bridge_0_1), or between s0 and s2 (called bridge_0_2), or between s0 and s3 (called bridge_0_3), etc.

      Note that s0 is local server, but s1, s2, ... is on WAN with low speed.


      I find that when cannot connect to s1, bridge_0_1 still ping every 10000 ms,  but other bridges cannot work (no messages about connect succeeded or failed).


      By the way, I find the same problem which is duplicate to JBMESSAGING-1648, I wonder when this bug will be fixed.