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    Developing JSF 2.0 component for Richfaces 4 with Ajax callbacks

    Mark Bakker Newbie



      I wanna develop an mindmap component (a node). I have developed this component before in JSF 1.2 in Icefaces.

      But I wanna migrate it to Richfaces 4 (JSF 2.0).


      I did found the basis component creation:


      @FacesComponent(value = "node")
      public class Node extends UIComponentBase {




      But I can't find anything on:


      How can I send value updates (like x,y position updates) to the component from javascript.

      In Icefaces I used an hidden field and an onchange event = send partialupdates.

      After setting the hidden field I fired an onchange event.


      Here I wanna use fine grained events like a positionUpdateEvent.

      How do I do this? I found something about jsf.ajax.request but no references how to use the events in the components.


      I also wanna know how to update a part of the dom and not rerender the complete component.


      I hope someone can send me in the right direction.



      Kind regards,