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    Apache vhost

    Patrick Conway Newbie

      I have removed a virtual host from my apache config


      It is now showing as down in jopr, but I am unable to delete or uninventory the vhost in jopr.


      Is there some we of doing this from the web interface?

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          Ian Springer Apprentice
          In recent versions of Jopr, the ability to uninventory services has been removed. This was done because if you uninventory a service whose underlying managed resource does still exist, it will just get rediscovered and auto-imported back into inventory. However, in cases like yours, where the underlying managed resource no longer exists and you don't care about keeping any of the metric/alert history, etc. for the service, you may have a legitimate need to uninventory it. To do so, go to Browse Resources > Services in the GUI and find the VHost service. Append &debug=true to the URL and then load this new URL. You should see an UNINVENTORY button appear at the bottom of the page. Check the checkbox next to the VHost service then click the UNINVENTORY button.
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            Patrick Conway Newbie
            thanks Ian, that resolved the problem