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    Packaging type of ejb3_1 component

    jaikiran pai Master

      When i created the ejb3_1 component recently, i set its packaging type to "pom" (like the earlier "ejb3" component) so that it just acts as a component which will bring in the necessary dependencies, to provide the EJB3.1 runtime. But thinking more about this and given the usecases i am running into, i think making the ejb3_1 component to "jar" packaging would be more appropriate. Right now i have some MC beans which don't really belong to individual sub-components, but really make sense at something which provides a EJB3.1 runtime (== ejb3_1 component). Changing the ejb3_1 packaging to "jar" allows me to have the MC appropriate MC bean configurations at the ejb3_1 component, instead of polluting the sub-components with these bean configurations.