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    line break in scrollableDataTable columns possible

    Joerg Schaefer Newbie

      Hi all,

      i'm using a scrollableDataTable with the columns-tag.

      Inside the columns-tag i use h:outputText.

      The value of the h:output has a lot of text.

      More than the column width can show.

      So i need an automatic line break within the column.

      Currently the text is cutted by the column.


      Thanks, Joerg

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          You could change whitespace declaration from nowrap to normal in .rich-sdt-column-cell-body CSS class.. But the cell has fixed height defined in the same class - so content will not be cutted by vertical border - but it will be cutted by horizontal border then if you will not increase the height.


          We can't support automatically sized cells as for normal table because we need to have predefined sizes to know how much data needs to be fetched.


          In general use Firebug to check the styles applied.